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My Story

Hi there! I'm Emilie and I'm an illustrator & maker specializing in wall art, home decor, greeting cards and hand painted ornaments. I live in the land of endless prairies and cotton candy sunsets in South Dakota with my two little boys, a mischievous kitten and a lovable dog. Growing up on a farm, where some of my best friends were cats, I'm very inspired by wild nature, sweet animals, childhood nostalgia, old things, all the colors, records playing in the early morning and long bike rides on country roads. My favorite things to draw are flowers, plants, and hand lettered, meaningful quotes.

I used to work at a soul-crushing job for too many years, dreaming of being an artist, but didn’t have a lot of direction and was afraid I wasn’t good at drawing because I didn’t draw realistically. Once I had my kids, I was inspired to follow my dreams and make things happen in my life. Discovering the world of illustration helped me realize I didn’t have to draw perfectly to be good at art or to make a living from it. I drew and drew and worked really hard for my dream while being a stay at home mom and raising my little boys. Now I'm able to work full time creating everyday and it is a dream come true. Inspiration is never ending for me and I believe even the impossible is possible if you are determined and a bit of a dreamer.

We all need a place to feel safe, happy and like ourselves. 

Where we live can say a lot about who we are and how we show up in the world. We give ourselves to others all day, whether it's our family, our career, being a caretaker, etc. We need a space to come home to so we can relax, re-energize and feel like ourselves. The way our home feels affects how we are in the world, and how we connect with others. I think it’s important to have a home that expresses who we are and feels joyful, cozy, and relaxing. For me, that means lots of color, artwork, plants, and vintage collectibles. For the longest time, I didn’t decorate my house that much. I was creating all this colorful, joyful art, but my house was gray and boring. I was in a crappy marriage and was busy with my kids all the time as a stay-at-home mom, and there wasn’t much time left for me, let alone having the time or energy to decorate. My home never felt like me.

After my divorce, I did a lot of soul-searching and reconnecting with myself and started filling my home with all the things I love. All the colors, tons of plants, and art on all the walls and I feel SO much better. I love my home now because it feels like me and it inspires me every day. I hope my art and home goods can help you do that for yourself too!

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